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The Wired Sussex Intern Placement Programme will serve to help your business access skilled jobseekers who lack the relevant work history to get on the career ladder, yet can still add real value to your company.

What your business will get:

  • Wired Sussex’s support and expertise in helping you shape the intern role to the needs of your business
  • Free marketing of your specific intern placement via Wired Sussex
  • Our skilled in-house matching service will filter and select applications so that you get an individual chosen for their ability to match your business needs for a 6-week placement
  • External HR support: all contracts and grants to interns will be managed by Wired Sussex
  • 60% of the intern’s grant will be covered by the scheme
  • Full business and administrative support throughout the process
  • No fees should you wish to continue to employ the intern after the initial 6 week placement

Eligibility to take part:

  • You will need to be a registered company located within the Coast to Capital LEP area
  • The activity you would like undertaken by the intern should be meaningful and allow the intern to develop their creative, digital, media, technological or IT skills.
  • What’s needed from you?
  • Registration, detailing why you would like an intern
  • Time for us to meet you at your place of work to agree the scope of the intern’s project
  • A commitment to fairly interview the candidates we shortlist
  • A contractual commitment to the terms of the scheme
  • A total contribution of £688.50+VAT towards the intern’s grant (40% of their total pay based on a normal 37.5 hour week and paid the Living Wage hourly rate of £7.65)

If you think your company would benefit from an intern then please register your interest

If you have any questions about the scheme then please send us an email.

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We were so pleased with our development intern, we snaffled him up and offered him a job!

Sarah Stevens, Lead Developer